Cody Rosenthal

We like it Rowe!

Our apologies for the bad play of words, it was just too tempting… Plus, this Jon is not on the finesse side of things, and he certainly would agree on that. Here, your street ultra-violence dose, the kind he's got a real knack for.

North of the border

As seen in the recent issue of Push Periodical, the homies at The Northern Co. take on Los Angeles, and do it their way… A great collection of spots found along the less traveled sidewalks. Skated the way we all dig!

Charles: Crawlspace!

"With less familir faces, but rejoicing skateboarding, that's the least you can say!"


This Cody Rosenthal part is from a recent independent project by young Tim O'Rourke, under the name of S.O.S. a DVD as much as a zine, dedicated to what people refer as "Upstate", that region located mainly North of NYC, that is represented at the U.N. by Fred Gall. And Cody, as wall as the rest of the S.O.S. casting does apply the Freddy Law, which states that "Everywhere thou shall go, a spot thou shall find", to a T! This should force us to tell you a bit more about S.OS. real soon!


Just for the bunny hop up the stairs, this would be worth your time, but Cody Rosenthal knows how to spice it up, and attacks all sorts of sites, even the least appealing ones…

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