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One pre-session recommendation of the season - even though it really came out last year - would be "CLAMBAKE", entirely shot in the N.Y.C. area by Kurt Havens and featuring, amongst others, Mark Humenik, Justin Helmkamp, Josh Wilson, Pat Murray, Tim O'Neill, Joseph Delgado, Rob Gonyon, Jacob Gottleib, Jon Wagner, Grady Smith, Ian Wishart, Sam Cardelfe and Billy McFeely.

It is fresh, rough, brimming with cobblestones and crazy curbs (being utilized with style): impeccable fuel for fall skating force. And there is a lot more to discover on Kurt's YouTube channel, too!

Bronze, unplugged!

The whole crew is in this, and even on the steepest streets of SF, the NYC heads hold it down!

Table meeting!

Or the invention of the picnic table in the heart of New York City!

Christmas' Charles' tip: Bleach!

"Europe got you Tom Knox as a gift, and America is getting you Nick Ferro, for Christmas! And Dick Rizzo, and Josh Wilson…"

Bust alert!

Well, that is one hell of a good day for fans of rough spots! The Bust Crew are on it, teaming up with the Venue homies, so this is a heavy dose of rarely seen and most likely unskatable street furniture…

Charles' Tip: Bust Crew One!

"Nominated for the Most Productive Crew, right?" They are definitely neck to neck with John Wilson and co, that's for sure… But, if they recruit Jake Johnson for good, that might change it all. Let's note the seamless transfer to HD and a couple nods/jabs(?) at some of the current trends in videos. The Bust heads are just on top of their name!

Rare as fuck!

Ready to queue up to watch the new Huf x Bronze co-production? Get in line now, cause it's the stuff you want, now!


Dat collab' ya need!


"Mandatory post!" as stated Charles…


Now, that one hell of a trailer! Just the opening slappy nosegrind would deserve a post alone, and the rest lives up to it…

Youth of Today

Lurknyc's Strangers in full? A little dive into the streets of NYC… And a great dose of motivation for all of us!

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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