Lance Mountain

Cyrus alert!

Well, yeah, we've got to signal a new Bennett part, and even celebrate it! And, once again, he does not mess around when it comes to skating fast and well, without having to reach stunt levels to inspire. A bit like the rest of the cast here. And that one up-and-coming old man named Lance Mountain aligns perfectly with the younglings by keeping it beyond classy on the edge of that one pool in the backyard…

Street Lance alert!

Where the forever young Lance Mountain is not afraid to pull his street kickflip out of his deep bag of tricks, in his fifties! And that's just the tip of the iceberg… Oh, and Caleb Barnett has more than couple guest tricks in there, which will make out very own Pierre-Alexandre stoked!


Hey, let's go for some Hawaiian vibes, shall we? In order to celebrate Indian Summer! Plus you get a masterclass on how to get the line in pools by Lance Mountain!

Return of the Terp'!

He sure was starting be missed, that Kevin guys! And seeing him make a comeback through this Memory Screen inspired (in the best possible way) is about ideal…

Monsieur Mountain

If skateboarding had to pick up an ideal grand-dad, was there even ever a better candidate? What you think?

Our house

The "skate house"… Absolute fantasy at the times of adolescence, quasi night-mare when the "age of reason" arrives, that very idea entered the collective consciousness of skateboarding in 1989, to be precise, via one particular part of Ban This, that –off course– featured Lance Mountain and Neil Blender. In 2016, the dream is still very alive, even if often reduced to "the skaters appartement". Living in Rennes, a smaller town, the Tonic guys are under a slightly less rent pressure, and managed to reach the Graal: The House! You know them already: you can imagine what they get up to in there! One question remains: what is their collectively favorite brand of cereals? Oh, what the hell to they spike it with!???


This should get you hyped for the Chronicles Volume 3 premiere, and stands as a friendly reminder to the fact that everything can be a spot… Then again, when you are Cory Kennedy, it might come easier!

Bon anniversaire, monsieur Mountain!

Fifty years, now that counts in a human's life… But for a skater that is like an inconceivable number! Despite that, Lance Mountain is still here, and not just hanging out, with a status that he could just have earned for the entirety of his lengthy contribution, but even more because he is still bringing something fresh right now, and might have filmed his best part ever a couple years ago. Which can only mean one thing: pure love. His imperishable love for skateboarding, translated in actions for so many years. Just, for that, tonight, we will all raise our glass "to Lance"!

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