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Waiting For The World

History being an eternal cycle, the good people of Slam City Skates put the spotlight on one of the video production celebrating one of the golden age of British Skateboarding, the best possible way, the best possible way, by giving you a Who's Who of 2000 in the best possible quality. Make yourself a good cup of tea, and (re-)discover Dan Magee's masterpiece.


Can't really tell you what Wake Robins really is, but one thing we are sure is that they always make interesting edits, from the spots to the type of skating they do on it. Then again, they got Guru Khalsa in the gang, so that's a good exemple to follow. He might be under the spotlight as much as before, but he sure has hell still got the skills, including his musical ones…

Vintage Kennys

Flashback from times were things were simpler (that's to be confirmed, to be hontest!) and a guy named Kenny Hughes had "that thing"!


With Paul Shier and Nick Jensen at the forefront, and Jacob Harris holding the VX, one could only anticipate the very first video from Isle skateboards, and this trailer for Vase will put a smile on anyone only expecting the best from such a gang!

Tognelli du matin…

Now, you guys are in for an amazing week when it comes to watching sick skateboarding online! Here is Sylvain and his Isle colleagues, as we loved them in Jacob Harris' video, in case you had missed on that masterpiece…

Meeting… Jon Nguyen!

Jon has been going through many changes these past months, and this DVS part was a great excuse to catch up with him. Read after the jump!

Meeting… Nick Jensen!

The secret is now out the bag about Paul Shier and Nick Jensen’s new board company. We thought we would pick Nick’s brain about where he wants to lead Isle skateboards, on his board, but also under those boards.

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