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Static State

Ben Gore recently demonstrated that he was as skilled behind a video camera as he is behind a photographic lens; now here he is again, eager to remind us all of how much he's also the boss on the other side of the lens! The proof is in the footage, in this clip in which he shares the timeline with Christian Maalouf, Kevin Coakley, Brian Powerdly and Jon N'Guyen, celebrating the release of a new collaboration line between State Footwear and Theories, Josh Stewart's labor of love. Actually, it's also Josh who's responsible for the VX and editing here, being again as proficient as he is prolific and guess what: nobody's going to complain about that!

Free at last!

Could this be the first "real" video project coming from the State Footwear camp? At least, it would be the very first located in Madrid! In order to learn more about it from Push Periodical, here is the trip as seen by Chris Thiessen, in animated images.The crew did great with all the spots local Ben Skrzypek, threw at us, and the final results won't disappoint, as it is as fluid and adaptative as you would expect from them. One will also note the always surprising pop that Maalouf guy seems to have endless supplies of…

The state of things

From an impeccable Jon Nguyen to the full of pop Maalouf, even on precarious spots, at State Footwear, they have hand-picked more or less the perfect selection of what is interesting in the American streets nowadays… Notably with that Spivey guy! Add some Colin Read magic, and you got the perfect blend…

Suciu Alert!

That infamous time when Mark Suciu and his buddies found and skated an untouched spot in one of the most frequented by skate tourists (and locals) suburb of Paris! Respect.


With Paul Shier and Nick Jensen at the forefront, and Jacob Harris holding the VX, one could only anticipate the very first video from Isle skateboards, and this trailer for Vase will put a smile on anyone only expecting the best from such a gang!

Swiss knife

This street only section from this summer's tour of Europe underlines the multi-function of the DVS team as a whole, to the point where one can wonder what kind of spot would leave them completely dry… Sure, on a wet mega-ramp, Daewon might have to tighten his trucks a little, but that would still count, right? Apart from that, let's note the improbable trick Luis Tolentino decided to get on that long, long ledge in Milano!

Tognelli du matin…

Now, you guys are in for an amazing week when it comes to watching sick skateboarding online! Here is Sylvain and his Isle colleagues, as we loved them in Jacob Harris' video, in case you had missed on that masterpiece…


Clark Hassler.

Pop, pop!

Luis Tolentino.

a good slap

Damn… Peter Raffin has always been the guy with great photos that made you want to see more, and this could be the part that finally delivers what was promised! Loads of amazing tricks, and for all tastes…

Meeting… Jon Nguyen!

Jon has been going through many changes these past months, and this DVS part was a great excuse to catch up with him. Read after the jump!

Texas rangers

A city that you don't really hear much about and team known for its diversity, and also a certain Daewon: you can't go wrong. When this ends up with a stack of Luis Tolentino footage, and some really good Flo Mirtain, you're off to a good start of the day!


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