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When Dan Wolfe himself uploads "CLOSURE", the legendary full-length video recap of his filmmaking career - between 1993 and 2003, precisely - with the best clips he ever filmed for classic releases such as "EASTERN EXPOSURE" and "REAL TO REEL" paired up with a lot of never-before-seen footage, with a healthy dose of S.F. in the mix as well, in the original quality and even clickable chapters, every man's quarantine is bound to suddenly get a lot smoother!

We'll also take the opportunity to link to the man's interview by Eric Swisher of Chrome Ball Incident, from the yesteryear. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and doses of culture can only be beneficial to one's immune system!

Chico alert!

Well then, this last chunk of the year two thousand nineteen really hasn't been without bearing witness to some gems of unexpected collaborations; apparently, when it's not Josh Kalis meeting up in Chicago with Josh Roberts of the "Domingo" series, then it's Chico Brenes who, defiantly disregarding his mid-forties, insists on sharing the timeline of this new clip with Paul Shier and Karl Watson (any nitpickers?), as though to showcase that his style never once lost his brillance since "Love Child". The recent resurgence of Embarcadero footage, nearly thirty years after the spot's popularity peak, should be quite the treat for old timers and really, it takes an O.G. like Chico to know the recipe for getting the full flavor out of such a location. Only the board shapes have regressed - but according to our ever-so-reliable sources, given that Chico just got a guest model on Krooked as well as his mastery of the fakie big flip, the almighty universe grants him an exceptional pass.

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