Phil Anderson

Ach, Stuttgart!

Join us for a little cruise around the German city, with the skateshop team that seems to always keep it classy: Arrow & Beast! 

Tjark alert!

This edit of the Adidas German team offers us –on top of catching up with some of the TPDG riders recently featured here– an occasion to witness the always enjoyable skill of Tjark Thielker to come up with The trick on spots that more than often don't seem to offer much!

The arrow

Jascha Muller's skateshop always does things right, and once again, they go on a nice little buddy trip, with a special guest: and yes, Rodrigo Teixeira does steal the show a bit, but we'll note Benny Fairfax's line. It's always great to see him at his best, between power and total smoothitude.

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