Lem Villemin

Off Broadway…

Adidas in NYC, you know if it going to be good, especially considering the caliber of the new ams joining in, but Rodrigo… Goddam', Rodrigo!!!

Heat wave…

Lucas Puig had invited his colleagues to chill by the pool, while waiting to be able to skate again, but they just couldn't restrain themselves from sweating it out in the Toulouse streets… Who could blame them?

Away Days, soon!

Question: if Tyshawn's hardflip and Miles' back tail are in here, well, what are they sitting on for the actual full-length!??


Now that is a great idea: get two skateshops to collaborate! Sure they are usually more into (not always friendly) competition, but in this case, with about 1200 kilometers separating Beast & Arrow and FTC, nothing to worry about on that side… And the end result is topnotch with a punchy edit filmed on Catalonian land, and a sweet mix of styles and point of view on the streets… Hopefully, an idea to inspire more?

Arrow & Beast / #beastontour / Premiere

As announced on Wednesday with Daniel Wagner's photo gallery, we are presenting you, as a Live exclusive, along the homies of Solo, the video from the road trip that took from Stuttgart to Frankfurt, with a stop in Luxembourg, all the Arrow & Beast shop gang. Cities you probably are not that familiar with, and skaters of the caliber of Lem Villemin: all you need for a good dose of motivation, and a great start of the week-end!

Arrow & Beast / #beastontour / Galerie

The Stuttgart skateshop, Arrow & Beast, is of the active kind, as you would already know from their different edits that we have been relaying. On Friday, we will release a new one, in the same vein as the previous ones: "let's get everybody together to go skate!", a simple yet efficient recipe, especially with the kind of team they have! This time, the vans headed over towards Frankfurt, stopping by in Köln and the rarely visited Luxembourg.

Down, down, down!

A city of hills, a city under a seemingly perpetual renovation during the past decade, Bilbao is therefore a place for skating. With very few media coverage, somehow… Brian Lotti pointed his sharp eye in that direction, though, and brought quite a crew with him…

Lem boy!

Lem had been hurt for a bit, but here he is back with a vengeance, a professional level of vengeance!

The arrow

Jascha Muller's skateshop always does things right, and once again, they go on a nice little buddy trip, with a special guest: and yes, Rodrigo Teixeira does steal the show a bit, but we'll note Benny Fairfax's line. It's always great to see him at his best, between power and total smoothitude.

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