Tjark Thielker


What if, this year, Spring would just never come, and we had to go and get it!? That's what on everybody's mind, these days, but the Cleptomanicx team had decided to take things in their hands… And headed to Gan Canaria, in order to try to bring back a bit of sun. And they managed to, at least on their footage… So, enjoy it!

Clepto in Copenhaguen

The Clepto homies are just back from Copenhaguen, just like the rest of the world, except they did enjoy the city for its spots more than the parties, or so it seems!

Destination: Berlin!

As a part of (sponsored) Europe is about to make its yearly pilgrimage for the BESA, it is an American citizen that reminds us why the city stands as that place where a certain type of street skating is practiced on impossible spots lost in abandoned neighborhoods… Another great production from  Brett Nichols, and a casting of locals about perfect, according to us!

Tjark alert!

This edit of the Adidas German team offers us –on top of catching up with some of the TPDG riders recently featured here– an occasion to witness the always enjoyable skill of Tjark Thielker to come up with The trick on spots that more than often don't seem to offer much!

Fresh air!

The city, the always buzzing streets, the endless energy of the great centrifuge… Sometimes, you do need to get out. This is exactly what the Cleptomanicx heads had in mind, before going to explore Lennie Burmeister's "countryside" away from their usual Hamburg. And they did find spots, they were rather good spots!


The intro of Propeller Island (we had showed you as a Live exclusive the Malte Spitz part about three months ago) going online today reminds us that Jo Peters not only has the knack to document underground skaters that we dig, but also a real talent at putting Super 8 to good use, which is actually quite rare! The DVD and its great booklet are still available, so treat yourself!

It's all skatable…

Proof, here: logs, trees, scrapes of metal, various street trash… It's all good!


A Lousy Best Of / Premiere

Everybody loves underwear, and everybody loves a smiling house… So, when Lousy Livin' decided to share this best-of with us, we were delighted! Seeing the casting, you shouldn't be alright, yourselves… That's the great thing about handing a pair of boxers to the traveling skaters in need: then, everybody rides for you, as soon as you throw a little house their way!

All roads lead to Berlin

At least these days! And what better idea than to visit the city with its locs and their Three Striped colleagues? Let's just say it: we are big fans of Tjark Thielker!

20 000 leagues from here…

We discussed 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea, with its creator Joe Peters, and it is now coming out online, part by part… And this second "Friends" section got stellar guests, and some of our favourites!

Jo Peters 5 W’s

Jo Peters speaks, and that’s rare enough, but he also got a gift for you: a few lines to celebrate his new independent project. A Live exclusive!

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