Rodrigo Teixeira

Best of both worlds!?

Actually the two best of one world, the one we try to skate in…

Tech alert!

One could dissert around the fact that Brian Peacock, despite his sino-american roots, represents a sort of bound to happen fusion of both French Tech© and Brazilian Tech© where impeccable technique is balanced with unaltered smoothness… Sure, he does love to make things more complicated than you or I, that's the least you could say, but does so with coolness that makes for visual candy and not jerky flip/spazz outs!

Oh, one should also note how Lucas Puig, in one whistle and one gesture of thankfulness, reminds us all show the real boss is!

Teixeira alert!

Or where, in just one line, Rodrigo reminds all who lays down the law in those mean streets. We'll let you find out which one…

Brothers from different time zones

Lines, guys, lines! The Jet Lag Brothers sure know how to put them together!

Le cas Durao… (suite)

This young man file just got a lot thicker, with could go down in history as "the tallest line ever", followed by the perfect switch frontside heel… That could almost make us forget that Rodrigo still is at the very top of his game, or that (our favourite) Kyron just joined the team. All this being treated with a ghost town vibe in a metroplis can be a bit eerie at times.

Meantime, in London…

With such a casting, in one of the most photogenic city when it comes to skating, one was expecting something amazing… But, dammit!

Off Broadway…

Adidas in NYC, you know if it going to be good, especially considering the caliber of the new ams joining in, but Rodrigo… Goddam', Rodrigo!!!

Tech style…

The year passed compilation is a proved formula, but when we talk someone like Rodrigo, it is a whole other ball game… Because he's got more up in sleeves than about anyone else! And not just one type of ace. From tech so polished it will shine even in the dustiest of your crusty suburb spot, to power that will change the way you look at the most washed out plaza in your country… He's got it all, and never tires of using it! Rodrigo Teixeira: #classact!

Style Cup

If one day, there should be a World Cup of "Street Style in the Streets", Mark Gonzales would be –for obvious reasons– no qualifiable, but that Rodrigo Teixeira dude could steal the (fire hydrant shaped?) trophy, just for this "cruising" footage here… Seriously!

style pays

"Thank you Based God, for Rodrigo Teixeira!" Miles Silvas isn't half bad, either, in the "smooth" department…

Three stripes, three cities…

Hard to list all the neat skate maneuvers here, considering their amount and variety, but as usual, you will appreciate the diversity of the team, and above all of styles involved. One might not remember much from the arrival of Alec Majerus, but the absolute mastership of Rodrigo Teixeira will once again trigger your admiration, just as every time he steps on his board.

The arrow

Jascha Muller's skateshop always does things right, and once again, they go on a nice little buddy trip, with a special guest: and yes, Rodrigo Teixeira does steal the show a bit, but we'll note Benny Fairfax's line. It's always great to see him at his best, between power and total smoothitude.


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