Salomon Cardenas

Fashionable frogs!

Even after these few years following them, it's still hard to figure out what they do (skateboarding, I think). But whatever it is, I fail to see who does it better! Every time Chris Milic's frog gang pops up, we can expect to be pleased with an impressive collection of tricks, mostly on two wheels. Not to mention the fact that we may hold the slappy of the year here. In any case, as for fashion week, we hope many new editions will happen soon.

Gilette alert!

It is short, but sweet, oh so sweet! The two younglings are killing it in a slightly similar vein, but seeing Austyn back to his Mach 2 beautifully crafted lines self just make us happy…

Yes, sir!

The WKND Team is back for our greatest happiness by offering, again, an incredible vidéo: Sir Palmer. And their filmer Grant Yansura who had already made the Stories video confirms here that he is there for something! It’s bubbling with creativity, as much in the realization as in skateboarding. In addition they even offer themselves a small detour to Paris that only makes the video better.

Charles' tip: Salomon Cardenas

"He makes you want to check out the full video, that Salomon!" True, Charles, true, and this is where you can

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