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Fashionable frogs!

Even after these few years following them, it's still hard to figure out what they do (skateboarding, I think). But whatever it is, I fail to see who does it better! Every time Chris Milic's frog gang pops up, we can expect to be pleased with an impressive collection of tricks, mostly on two wheels. Not to mention the fact that we may hold the slappy of the year here. In any case, as for fashion week, we hope many new editions will happen soon.

Cyrus alert!

Well, yeah, we've got to signal a new Bennett part, and even celebrate it! And, once again, he does not mess around when it comes to skating fast and well, without having to reach stunt levels to inspire. A bit like the rest of the cast here. And that one up-and-coming old man named Lance Mountain aligns perfectly with the younglings by keeping it beyond classy on the edge of that one pool in the backyard…

Atlantic Drift alert!

Rémy Taveira was discussing it in his recent Big Spin podcast, and yes, the crew did do Vegas. And did it good, trust that!

B side

A nice compilation of second angles, "outtakes" and other never seen before footie from some of the most interesting projects filmed recently in NYC make for a great showcase of what's happening in the Big Apple nowadays. Also includes Vincent Touzery!

Hjalte alert!

At Frog, they love Hjalte so much they just gave him a guest board… But, we love Hjalte too, and you love Hjalte too, don't you!?  The main difference is they get to skate all around NYC with him, which transcribes in endless smiles and beautiful lines…


Hey, let's go for some Hawaiian vibes, shall we? In order to celebrate Indian Summer! Plus you get a masterclass on how to get the line in pools by Lance Mountain!

Post Bronze?

One could discuss the post-post-sea-punk esthetics of Frog, but those two skate enough to have you concentrate of that fact more. Including the return of the no pop shove-it!

Return of the Terp'!

He sure was starting be missed, that Kevin guys! And seeing him make a comeback through this Memory Screen inspired (in the best possible way) is about ideal…

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