Chris Milic

Fashionable frogs!

Even after these few years following them, it's still hard to figure out what they do (skateboarding, I think). But whatever it is, I fail to see who does it better! Every time Chris Milic's frog gang pops up, we can expect to be pleased with an impressive collection of tricks, mostly on two wheels. Not to mention the fact that we may hold the slappy of the year here. In any case, as for fashion week, we hope many new editions will happen soon.

P.A.'s tip : "Ether"

After watching, it's hard to say if you're intrigued or impressed, but Cooper Winterston's "Ether" is something! Twenty minutes of creativity through the pirouettes and the balance games of Grace Ahlbom, the Cooper in question and especially Stephen Ostrowski. On one side we can find everything that will work in any video, speed, technical flip tricks almost perfectly executed. Awesome! But why limit yourself to that? Here the way to approach spots is really unique, at any time can spring a banger as confusing as breathtaking. Imagine if we could see Ben Kadow or Kevin Rodrigues in it! 


Carhartt W.I.P. gathered one heavy crew for Lentiicular, a collecti(i)on of clips filmed over the span of three years between New York, Paris, Madrid and Lisbon. Roger Gonzales' video work is simply beautiful and the cast only makes it more incredible, with a great mix of styles such as those of Andrew Wilson, Remy Taveira, Tolia Titaev, Felipe Bartolomé, Joseph Biais, Taylor Caruso and even Chris Milic. But above all, finally we get to enjoy a real part from Roman Gonzales who as usual never fails at getting creative, gracious and technical.

Cuisses de Frog!

If we are still uncertain of how much of a brand Frog might do, one for thing for sure is that it is the kind of crew that knows how to have fun on a board… So, imagine them on vacation in Paris!

Hjalte alert!

At Frog, they love Hjalte so much they just gave him a guest board… But, we love Hjalte too, and you love Hjalte too, don't you!?  The main difference is they get to skate all around NYC with him, which transcribes in endless smiles and beautiful lines…

In da club!

Warning: if you are European, and over 30, you might have a seizure at 3' 50… In order to avoid this, you might want to turn off the sound at that moment, but certainly do not close your eyes, as you would be missing out! These Canadians do have that skate thing figured out. Not sure about music tastes, though…

A brave new world

When Carhartt WIP is going to cross the Atlantic to recruit some new work force, you bet they are going to pick them right… And this trip to Seoul, in between Old Town, and the Future as announced today showcases it perfectly.


We were recently having a talk with Romain Batard and Alexis Jamet, well, they are already back, but this time, they brought more or less every single one of their friends, including the ones visiting, like Chris Millic. You already know this is going to be in good hearted fun, while ripping nonetheless, "Rennes style" you could call it! This is close to perfect, actually…

Brothers Video's Lightning

Always inerresting contents coming from Rennes. Well, that post could have been called "Hugo Maillard Alert". Let's note a featuring from their a-A-list guest, Chris Milic!

Milic alert!

Isn't this the best excuse possible to let you know about the one and only "Mango"'s arrival on French soil, more precisely at the homies Galerie 126!? Here Chris is at his best, to say the least…

Mango alert!



You'd be wrong to only think of the now famous "Mango" as a class clown… He also is a goddam good skateboarder, as shown here.

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