Wieger Van Wageningen

Daan alert!

So, it is official! The most antihero of all our Northerner neighbors (and lord knows there is quite a heavy competition over there, when it comes to that category!) has joined the Swoosh, and a lot of his buddies in order to soak in a bit of sun, and annihilate some spots in the meantime on a small Spanish island… Yep, he kills!

15 years…

From the effortless talent of the late Lewis Marnell to tech smoothitude of Richard Mulder, one can only try to ponder THE backside 360 ollie that did shift the general direction of street skating, back when… Seriously.

The Wieger case…

Monsieur Van Wageningen owns a very rare talent: turn the most sterile environment deep in a prefabricated China city or a South of Spain village in a semi-magic place where beauty can happen… His secret? Is it the hair, the heel flip, the perma-smile, the back tail, a fine mix all previous mentioned? Who knows?

Meeting… Wieger Van Wageningen!

If there was ever one soccer fan in skateboarding, well, it is him… We discuss his recent trip to the Promised Land of Football, and a lot more!

Brotherhood Of The Feet

Marcel Veldman's Galerie feature was a hint on the fact that Kyron Davis, Maxime Geronzi, Wieger Van Wageningen, Luan Oliveira and Denny Pham did not go to Brazil just to juggle a football on the beach and, well, proof is in the digital pudding, here! Premiering on Live, at the same time as the real life premiere at the Nike SB London Am!

Marcel Veldman / Brotherhood Of The Feet / Galerie

While waiting for the Brotherhood Of The Feet video and a Wieger Van Wageningen interview on Sunday, we propose you a portfolio from the Fluff man himself.

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