Giddy 11

Romain Batard, the French skate filmmaker LIVE really shouldn't have to introduce to you by now just on the basis of his longevity in the field, is back today with the eleventh chapter in his series-turned-saga "GIDDY" - and pretty clearly the most ambitious one that is, also including contributions from some equally prestigious video fiends, for a timeline just short of twenty minutes in total - but rest assured you won't catch a break!

On the menu: stunts from the usual suspects - Edouard DepazValentin BauerJoseph BiaisLilian FevMarc-A BarbierRemy Taveira - but also many others (including Max Palmer, Sylvain Tognelli, Mika Germond, Dustin Dollin... Quite the universal roster!), immortalized on Parisian spots aplenty - some classic ones and some more rare nugs, all approached with a sweet creative twist. Out of many examples, one of Soy's many fountains gets reinvented (and that's despite the mysterious disappearance of the corresponding Instagram account), but really it's the whole landscape of the French capital that gets dripped into new colors here, from the most famous plazas to the most unknown street corners possible (e.g.. le Dôme's three-flat-three, or the benches at République)... All in great fun as well, just bathing in the rhythm of the daily sessions.

Chic, chic, chic!

And as a complementary bonus, we are happy to share with y'all this photo gallery, by Max Verret!

Rémy Taveira, gap to backside lipslide. Ph.: Max Verret

Lilian Fev, frontside 50-50. Ph.: Max Verret

Joseph Biais, 50-50. Ph.: Max Verret

Marc-A Barbier, pole jam. Ph.: Max Verret

Valentin Bauer, noseslide transfert. Ph.: Max Verret

Ph.: Max Verret

Edouard Depaz, threading-the-needle wallride nollie out. Ph.: Max Verret

Edouard Depaz, quick feet pole jam. Ph.: Max Verret

Marca Barbier. Ph.: Max Verret
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