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Magenta welcomes Shogo Zama

Twenty twenty as a year already marks one decade of existence for Magenta Skateboards, an original initiative by the Feil brotherhood (Jean and Vivien) and Soy Panday; now, as though to celebrate this anniversary, they're inviting Japanese style master Shogo Zama onto the team. The video announcement, entirely composed in Paris, is the work of Romain Batard, and Vivien, Soy, Glen Fox as well as Ruben Spelta also pay their dues, dotting the timeline with remarkable appearances.

As bonus - and in our best attempt at not letting this one slip through the cracks in spite of the currently merciless pace of video releases - here is the new full-length video "VESTIGES" by Eric Mertz (the independent filmmaker behind "PORTALS" LIVE interviewed a while back here), a Strasbourg-based production in which Soy and Vivien, amongst many others, can be spotted performing more magic tricks amidst a twenty-minute-long, artfully crafted universe.

Inside O.U.T.

Arthur Chiron - you might remember his name as the performer of many a demonstration of urban prowess, notably frozen in time in « Frame By Frame », the French classic independent full-length video by Romain Batard, Olivier Fanchon, Greg Dezecot and Aymeric Bertrand from a decade ago - already… Well, Arthur made some wise use of said time span, focusing on his studies as a plastic artist whose interest revolves around one’s personal exploration and interpretation of the physical space, as influenced by Raphaël Zarka, who supports him. Anyway, the latest expression of such reflections just manifested itself, under the name Inside Out: an exhibition of uncommon structures all extracted from one same core then peppered throughout the main hall of Théâtre Le Quai in Angers, France, since last Saturday and up till June; a time period during which space will keep getting explored, as the structures will regularly be flipped over and moved around… Now, let’s salute this remarkable demonstration of cultural avant-gardism from the organizers and sponsors, and celebrate Arthur’s works the way he would really like everyone to: by jamming wallies everywhere at this skatepark that really isn’t one!

Inside O.U.T. will be skatable till June, look it up here, if you want to visit!

More, here:

Betcha' Get Giddy!

Yet another proof that Romain Batard never sleeps, his "Giddy" series hits hard again with a new installment, this time centered around the Parisian vacation of the otherwise Cali-based Aaron Yant and Duncan Byrnes. "They hit me up on Instagram to tell me they were in town. We filmed everything over the course of just three days, but I wish I could have stayed the whole week we were there, their energy and productivity was off the charts", Romain tells us. Well, their creativity appears to be on just that level too, revisiting some classic spots of the capital with fresh (or old?) moves and twisting the surrounding terrain in ways no one had before!

Charles' tip: "New York 1993"!

"Such a must see!" Or when the Rennes locals go on holidays in NYC… What do you think happened? A storm of hammers, that's what happened, with even an Ellington featuring! Nice find, Charles!


Alexis Jamet and Romain Bâtard, you have already seen them collaborate on LIVE mixing illustration, skating and filmmaking, and they are back at it, this time to illustrate friends' music, and have a good time. You will also enjoy it, we guarantee!

Conversation / Alexis Jamet & Romain Batard

This one part put together two multi-talented indivisals… Which you might have never heard of. This could help fix that!

Hors Champ, 5 W's

Our new Off Size project takes skateboard photography to a new level, and here Romain Batard breaks it down for you!

Parisii, it's on!

Our second Off Size project is finally taking off! Its two directors give us on the lowdown on the whole concept… And take us aroud the XVIIth district for a first montage!

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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