Samuel Partaix


The most known Parisian skateshop, for the best reasonsNozbone continues steady killing it by producing another video, where Ludo Azémar manages to capture the energy of a city, and mainly of a generation… All you ever wanted to see when it comes to skating in Paris, and even more!

Café clope

Well, you don't turn ten every other day, and Nozbone, the Parisian shop, is having a ball with this logical follow-up to the great Rendez-Vous, their first full length video from 2009. With the years, the team has evolved, and this time Ludovic Azémar is running the whole show. You know you're in for a hell of a show…

Scene / Tours

Well, here is the newest episode of what isn't quite a series, yet, our Scene feature, this time presenting you Tours, a relatively unknown town somewhat in the center of France, that the geekiest amongst you might associate with Sam Partaix… Watch, and get to know what is going on there, through the lens of Romain Batard, and expect a soon (tomorrow!) to come interview with the local hyperactive type that will tell you more about the place, its inhabitants,

Breathless / part 2

The DVD is now available, and its director, Arthur Bourdaud explains us the up and downs of this independent project, arising from the Nantes scene.

Breathless / part one

We already talked to you about this independent project and its premieres, but to celebrate the actual DVD release, Arthur Bourdaud offered us not one, but two, exclusive montages!

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