Bobby de Keyzer


M'sieur de Keyzer knows what he's doing, and the Quasi camp knows how to pick them… Those were just meant to team up, and that part illustrates it perfectly! That and the fact that Guided by Voices is one hell of a band that you have missed out on!


Seoul Hills

Today, in my humble opinion, the converse team has one of the most beautiful and most marked identity of what the current skate scene proposes us. Each new video is a real pleasure for the eyes. "Uphill" filmed by James Cruickshank in the sublime cityscapes of Seoul and its surroundings is not lacking. But this time, we can fully appriciate Juan Virues in Olympic form that completes perfectly this Picture.

Five stars trip

Converse reveals the One Star World Tour 2018, sixteen days of traveling through the United States, Paris and London with the team that we like so much. And for this year’s edition, it looks like it’s the young skaters (European for some) in the spotlight with a Felipe Bartolome on fire and a breathtaking Kaue Cossa. All this announces only good things for the future.

De Keyzer alert!

There is literraly nothing not good about this Bobby: complex lines, smart manuals, perfect execution… Just perfect!



Return to South Africa for the Converse crew, with notably one always polyvalent and classy Mike Anderson, but where a De Keyzer that just steals the show with a couple tricks including one improbable shifty flip manual… But, we won't spoil it for you!

A De Keyzer kind of month!

So, four weeks… That's the time it took Bobby to film this, and announce he rides for Cons the right way! Including quite some time in Barcelona, the mostest rinsed city there is. Still, there is nothing to frown on, here! Proof in the pudding with Greg Cuadrado's face after that double road gap line…


De Keyser alert!

OK, OK, short, and sweet! But what a great occasion to (re-)visit a classic…

Jeune homme moderne

Bobby de Keyzer transcends here a few generations of Canadian street skaters, while been on the very edge of 2016… The old timers will have flashbacks from the original Plan B while the kids will praise the retro-futuristic tricks. We will note the swith nose manual popped over a bar at the end, and the switch back lip shove on another mythical spot from another great era, the one of Time Code.

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