Dennis Laass

Magenta "Balade" / Meeting... Vivien Feil!

Finally on your screens, for you to watch no sooner than right now, right here: the new Magenta full-length, "Balade", prominently filmed in the United States of America but not exclusively. The resulting mix is a twenty-minute long upbeat edit - perfect to watch before skating - that was put together pretty spontaneously, actually. You know how LIVE works by now: the opportunity was too great not to try and ask the busy Vivien Feil (one of the founding fathers of the brand, besides offspring duties of a more organic type) what's up and surprise, he did manage to find the time to come through with answers aplenty for you to absorb alongside the video, making for a solid package we are stoked to present you today!

Clepto in Copenhaguen

The Clepto homies are just back from Copenhaguen, just like the rest of the world, except they did enjoy the city for its spots more than the parties, or so it seems!


Our well respected consultant expert in all things regarding trousers, Dennis Laass gives here a little demonstration of the pleasure of being able to roll on two wheels only, even despite doing so on spots that were not designed for that use… Thumb up!


Stand tall, ya'all!

Dennis Laass isn't the kind to ask for attention, so you might know him mostly for his expertise work at Live's Minister of Trousers, but he mainly is a ripping skater, with a great eye and a perfect control of his nose, which is something we regard highly. Proof here with this part for Cleptomanicx. And let's add that if a guy that finds the only line nobody had ever thought of at Paral-lel doesn't get you stoked, well, we don't know what makes you happy!

20 000 leagues from here…

We discussed 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea, with its creator Joe Peters, and it is now coming out online, part by part… And this second "Friends" section got stellar guests, and some of our favourites!

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