Jan Kliewer

Under the paving…

French artist Raphael Zarka and the Carhartt team explore together options and limitations (or not) space has to offer, through a series of his sculptures… A conversation where each feeds from one another, to go through the labyrinth of possibilities…

The Magic Number

Time to make some room on your shelves: De Paris Yearbook is back, still teamed up with its London sidekick, and now a Berlin based little brother! It will all be linked to a video project, and this should keep you excited about it all for a minute or two!

Varied and diverse

Berlin shop Search & Destroy keeps unfolding its video online, and this edit of friends and affiliates reminds us of the diversity of a scene that is on everybody's mind. Old, young, fat, small, punks, ravers… And the one and only Jan Kliewer! All skating, skating hard at that!

Stretched Berlin

Phil Evans continue his Panoramic Series with a Berlin visit, guided by Jan Kliewer. This is the kind of skating we dig, through a different point of view, and it's topped with a really interesting work on sound. Top!


20 000 leagues from here…

We discussed 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea, with its creator Joe Peters, and it is now coming out online, part by part… And this second "Friends" section got stellar guests, and some of our favourites!

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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