Brian Anderson

GT alert!

Where, in only a couple of rather incredible tricks, Grant Taylor manages to make you forget the other elephant in the room, IE how improbable is that new collab', interbreeding the Swoosh and the grumpy yet majestic Bowl Eagle… 

The trailer you need!

When, in a world where nothing matter more than for a few seconds, Antihero reminds us all some fundamentals…

15 years…

From the effortless talent of the late Lewis Marnell to tech smoothitude of Richard Mulder, one can only try to ponder THE backside 360 ollie that did shift the general direction of street skating, back when… Seriously.

Brian Anderson

The only thing you should really watch today…


This should get you hyped for the Chronicles Volume 3 premiere, and stands as a friendly reminder to the fact that everything can be a spot… Then again, when you are Cory Kennedy, it might come easier!


Putting out Alex Olson's magic lines in Paris on Bastille Day is a nice touch, but most likely it will be watching Brian Anderson at Love Park that should make your little heart a little faster!

Feel good movie

Two friends for twenty years sharing a session can't make for a bad sight! And, if we're talking BA and Elissa…

Mini ramp, mega fun!

Where one can see that the streets are fun, but backyards can be great, also… And where one can sense a Daclin influence on some of those Lucas tricks!

Philly's Side

In the "my skateshop owner fucking kills it!" family, mister Santosuosso is one of the few! Complete respect for the motivation, but also for the straight ripping this guy nails after closing time…

Summer camp

Needless to say, road trippin' with 4Star looks like a hell of a time, doesn't it?

You need that tape!

The 20 years of Girl skateboards are still being celebrated, and we will not complain about that that! Here, the good people at Orchard skateshop (Boston) add their take on it, with a mixtape of their favorite parts, selected all along the years of the brand, and put together the old school way. Let's note the old parts steal the show, especially the curtains. Off course you know which part it is… Proof, once again, that things never get old when they are good.

The week-end remix…

All good stuff, already seen, for sure, but nicely put together and getting a new life out of it… Oh, and a schooling on Mike Carrol, at the end, for whoever might not know!


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