William Strobeck

That bench you didn't know you wanted!

This in-depth piece of journalism by the always on point Quartersnacks reminds us of two facts… One, Los Angeles, depite its superficy coming with an insane aount of the bits and pieces that make a city might not be the street skating paradise we all secretly dream of when gazing at our local waxed curb! That, and the fact that Mister Van Engelen is one hell of a psyshopath, and the world is lucky he decided to channel his inner tenacity via a skateboard, and not a less positive activity!


Could this be a hint of the possibility of a certain trophy for Mister Van Engelen? Should the switch back lip be the cool trick of the year to come? What exact characteristic of Harvey Keitel's genitalia is unbearable to Thrasher to the point of having to censor it? So many questions, such little bandwidth to answer them all…

Strobeck and his "cherry"

This THE video of the NOW, but it will also go down in skate history, trust us… William tells us a bit more, and throws in a little bonus on top!

William Strobeck, cinematographer

A quick conversation about the death of Fat Bill, and his Cinematographer Project part.

William Strobeck, macadam cowboy?

William goes way back, and tells us more about what's cool about skateboarding…

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