Marius Syvanen

"You'll be hyped!"

Marius is just great… Maybe not a great actor, but he's great!

Kremer & cie

Where Wes takes all his buddies on a trip, so they can celebrate his Skater Of The Year status and where, surprinsigly, they do a lot ot that: skating! Some celebrating, sure but, hell, did they put those Canaria Islands spots to the test!

Kool Thing

Marius Syvanen is an interesting case as, with his absolute collectedness, he manages to make you forget that every trick is executed with perfection, as shown here on that long backside 5-0. Now that's someone we like to watch skating, wherever, whenever, that's for sure.

Charles' Tip: Wes Kremer

"This is how you get Skater Of The Year, right?" Well, that could do, yeah…


Habitat is alive and kicking, Marius is pro: all is for the best in the world…

Street Blues

If you are screening life through social media, you must see the Where We Come From project pop up more than often… This future full length has the great interest in the variety of its casting and guests, as illustrated, here…


A little trip to Japan for a heavy crew ends with a sick edit! That's a good formula… They all rip in their own way, and Evan Smith is just unbelievably relaxed on his board, whatever the spot might be…

Neon nights

We tend to forget about it, most likely due to his constant discretion, but Silas Baxter-Neal is a hell of a skateboarder! Send him camping by the deep end of the scariest bowls of Oregon, or explore the streets of an unknown city, and he’ll be at ease with the oldest locals. Here, for this Adidas clip, he is home, as he is more than accustomed to the streets of Tokyo, and it shows!

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