Wes Kremer

Tiago alert!

DC does Latin America, and no this is not a montage of skatepark demos interlaces with footie of raving crowds… Nope, stritcly streets, here! The real deal… Where one realizes that this Tiago dude has a trick (or a dozen of them!) for each spot, and also where a forever young Alex Carolino confirms his paternity of the whole BrazilPowerTech™ tradition that mister Lemos has been pushing to new levels recently!

Sour Mafia

Since those two crews mamange to always up the ante while seemingly having way more fun than anyone else, Spain then Bordeaux with this squad, obviously take a turn for another look… And that's refreshing!

Evan Smith alert!

He took a few colleagues for a business trip to the Country of the Rising Sun, and they put in the work! Damn, how much class can one Evan have!?


Say what you will, if you state that you saw every trick of Lee Yankou's part coming, we will definitely not believe you!

Bang, bang!

Just to watch Sammy Bacca on that "flip out shit" mode!

Kremer & cie

Where Wes takes all his buddies on a trip, so they can celebrate his Skater Of The Year status and where, surprinsigly, they do a lot ot that: skating! Some celebrating, sure but, hell, did they put those Canaria Islands spots to the test!

Raw GX

"Thank you Based God!" Need to say more? GX1000 is one those very few things on the web that make it worthwhile to turn your computer on in the morning… And that's quite something. Oh, that and Al Davis…

"Pack of Hydes"

So, Wes Kremer can do absolutely anything he feels like…

Charles' Tip: Wes Kremer

"This is how you get Skater Of The Year, right?" Well, that could do, yeah…

Slap happy

Now this should re-launch an age old (well, almost) debate: at what height does a frontside slappy turns into a fs wall ride 50-50!?


A little trip to Japan for a heavy crew ends with a sick edit! That's a good formula… They all rip in their own way, and Evan Smith is just unbelievably relaxed on his board, whatever the spot might be…

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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