Evan Smith

Tiago alert!

DC does Latin America, and no this is not a montage of skatepark demos interlaces with footie of raving crowds… Nope, stritcly streets, here! The real deal… Where one realizes that this Tiago dude has a trick (or a dozen of them!) for each spot, and also where a forever young Alex Carolino confirms his paternity of the whole BrazilPowerTech™ tradition that mister Lemos has been pushing to new levels recently!

Evan Smith alert!

The lil' dose of all you want to see… That should make your whole week-end!


Evan, Evan, Evan…

What are you supposed to say… Apart that, he certainly is on the tip of perfection! To the point that you can pretty much fast forward the rest…

Charles' tip: Jarne & Jacopo!

"Jarne and that Jacopo dude, only really, really great stuff!" Well, duh!

Evan Smith alert!

He took a few colleagues for a business trip to the Country of the Rising Sun, and they put in the work! Damn, how much class can one Evan have!?

Klaus Bohms alert!

We were already stoked on watching our buddy Klaus Bohms, especially on his home turf, showing Brazil to his gringos colleagues, but, damn, he is on a tear, here! Technical and powerful, with that pop that makes the difference… Let's not even mention what kind of rough spots he flies over! Apart from that, Westgate and Evan Smith aren't too shabby, either…

Evan Smith

The best part about him is that you are sure to get surprised by the spot, the trick or the air of easiness that he carries… And often the combination of all three!



A little trip to Japan for a heavy crew ends with a sick edit! That's a good formula… They all rip in their own way, and Evan Smith is just unbelievably relaxed on his board, whatever the spot might be…

Mister Smith

Seeing people "at home" is always the best way to put things in perspective, and get way better understanding of a skater, when seen in his natural and daily environment. Here, Evan Smith in Pittsburg will make you want to spend a weekend at his, and this will prove he must be one of most talented skaters of his generation.



“[…] To dissipate or disappear like vapor.” At a time giving about ten (twenty?) new “things” to look at everyday, to the most motivated, how many parts have you watched since the beginning of the year, and have totally forgotten since? Hmm?

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