Barney Page

The solution

We know it, Sour is here to work on solving all major world troubles, and their second full-length proves it without a doubt… You know them all, and nobody is here to disappoint, but end of the day, history books will remember the first ever street loop! Hats off, Mister Isaksson…

Oh, yep, we love you, Oscar!

Raw Sour

The good vibes, the great skating… It's all there!

Raw Sour

Short but sweet compilation of great moments from the recent Promo by the Sour heroes, in all their raw glory, allowing you to slap your current favorite trap tune to it… What else you need?


They just can not slow down at Sour, can they!? When did Sour Solution come out again? Here are nine minutes of the kind of happiness they know how to give, another pastiche of that Strobeck intro, and THE trick: no-comply nosegrind revert…


The casting is pretty ideal, the destination rich in spots, and if you watch it through the eyes of Patrick Wallner, you know you are in for a treat!

The New Testament

If we were to make you find out about the first Sour full-length, that would you started skating about two days ago (and in that case, "welcome"!), but since some parts seem to be missing online (most likely for music rights troubles), we thought it was important to remind you that you can, and should, and will be watching The Sour Solution here and there, and tomorrow, and for a long time coming…

Sour C.R.E.A.M.

So the whole Sweet team has just defected, and it wasn't slow down on their shredding program… They even took the opportunity to recruit a couple buddies!

Wet dreams!

You can have an hurt Madars in your luggage, on the other side of the world, and he will still be the perfect example on what attitude you should have towards life and skateboarding… Even if you don't manage to keep him dry! You can see more over at the Red Bull site.

Kuala Lumpur!

Now this is some real "roof gap" action! Please note Madras attack, with a backside rotation! This second episode of the Away From The Equator series gives you the hitch to leave all this and go far, far away… They did it, so why not you? You can see more over at the Red Bull site.

Street Blues

If you are screening life through social media, you must see the Where We Come From project pop up more than often… This future full length has the great interest in the variety of its casting and guests, as illustrated, here…

Dat spot, though…

We are at a times where the idea of hunting for spots on the other side of the world is losing a bit of its appeal, but when it comes to that wooden bridge thing that is crazier than the zanier Oregon park contraption you have ever seen, let's say the carbon imprint of the footage loses all importance… Barney Page, here, proves once again his ATV status! See more visual proof of it, over at the Red Bull site.

Sweet Page

Remember how we were asking for more lines from Barney a few days ago? Well, seems like Sweet heard us… Sweet? Yep!


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