Javier Mendizabal

Lisbon Story

This is definitely the proof that we don't see enough of Harry Lintell, and that's a shame… Oh, this also doubles as a great teaser to a future Kevin Rodrigues part, doesn't it?

Cons Space Paris

A moving images type of flashback from the Cons Space Paris, with great skating from the locs as well as the guests of honor!

Meeting… Javier Mendizabal!

Javier has many things up his long sleeves for 2014, including a new part realized with Fred Mortagne –to be watched here– so let's question him about what to expect!

In Dreams…

For those too young to know, Thomas Campbell, recognized painter and filmmaker, made his first moves behind a movie camera by putting out A Love Supreme for the notorious NYC skateshop, his very own hymn to the now long gone New York nineties. Never where you expect him, he has since made himself quite the name for his full-length surf movies, all shot on film… But, it seems that he’s back documenting skateboarding, an activity he never gave up practicing.

15 years on the road…

We told you about the Chet Childress exhibitions, this past November, celebrating Cliché's 15th birthday… Here is the video from the road trip that ensued, from Lyon to Barcelona, with a good chunk of the team, and many friends tagging along for the sesh. In one word, Cliché at its best: in the van, on the road.

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