Thomas Campbell


Vladimir - for the obscure.

The black sheep has only been developing exponentially over its now nine years of existence, and so has been the attention it's received with, this year, an approximation of three hundred people showing up from the whole planet over to attend this local festival in Fažana, Croatia - a little Istrian port town with a loaded history, testimonies of which still stand under the form of monuments everywhere (currently ensuring a steady flow of tourism), and the sensibilities of the inhabitants.

What originally started out as a very local initiative consisting in video screenings at the local skatepark quickly outgrew that embryonic phase as its instigators, Nikola Racan (of 'Solsticij' full-length video underground fame) and the Skateboard klub August Šenoa locals grew to use modern communication tools to get further and further in touch with universally renowned skate artists and documentarists - whether in the photo or video field.

In Dreams…

For those too young to know, Thomas Campbell, recognized painter and filmmaker, made his first moves behind a movie camera by putting out A Love Supreme for the notorious NYC skateshop, his very own hymn to the now long gone New York nineties. Never where you expect him, he has since made himself quite the name for his full-length surf movies, all shot on film… But, it seems that he’s back documenting skateboarding, an activity he never gave up practicing.

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