Fred Ploque-Santos

Louison Bobet Forever

The new video production courtesy of Louise Skateboards consists in no less than ten minutes of creative urban skate creative magic all assembled together via elbow grease and helium by Stéphane Feugas, high wire filmer extraordinaire who didn't fall asleep at the wheel of the editing either, as the final product is as meticulously crafted as the most suspect of devices. The devil went down to Bordeaux and Montpellier for the most part, Vincent Dallemagne technically wins the race but each and every of the numerous participants owns their individual merits. The general universe is as captivating as it is delirium tremens-inducing and should put a face on most faces or at the very least, get them out of the house!


Yesterday, we were presenting the Hy crew, while premiering, as a LIVE exclusive, their latest video offering, by Julien Dellion, with a soundtrack by Matias Elichabehere, filmed during a recent Paris visit. The edit now free to share, and you should show around. People should dig it!


It was only a matter of time before a brand such as HySkateBag rose from the willpower of a Bordeaux skate crew somehow really interested in providing the world with quality, Paris-made skate pouches yes, but not just that: their new video "PAR_HY", by Julien Dellion, just premiered in the French capital and now, LIVE Skateboard Media is presenting it to you alongside a quick interview with co-founder Paul Austin.

Parisii / le remix / Group Edit

All right, so Monday is off, and this should put the fire in you: the homies, buddies, friends and bros section from our Parisii remix… Three years of skating around Paris amounts to a rather large group of people joining the sesh. Hell, you can even spot a couple world renown dudes in there, oh and that guy Rémy Taveira. And République getting built! All under the musical supervision of another Parisii head, Vincent Perrin!

Giddy #1 / PREMIERE

You may remember Romain Batard from the Frame by Frame full-length, or his multiple collaborations with LIVE, like his rather innovating Hors Champ, or his recent collaboration with Alexis Jamet… Well, he is back behind th

Meanwhile, in Barcelona…

…Fred Ploque-Santos is winning skateboarding!


Let's just say it: it takes some balls to skate to N.W.A. when you're straight outta Bordeaux, but Fred Ploque-Santos pulls it off by mixing all things we like to see in the streets, with his own dose of determination and power. Quite refreshing!

Tocard Trip / Premiere

Tocard: /tɔ.kaʁ/
(French) (slang)
Worthless person, with neither physical nor intellectual appeal.
Racing horse with no chance of winning.
Mediocre and incapable rival, loser.
Examples: Alex Richard, François Tizon, Bastien Nicolet, Jano Saez, Paul Austin, Pierre-Jean Chapuis, Fred Ploque-Santos, Matthieu Dupanloup, Constantin Delmas.
Also: perfect illustration of what summer has to offer, when you combine, the road, foreign spots and bff's! Also an Arthur Bourdaud video (artworks: Alexis Jamet).

Tocard Tour / Galerie

Tomorrow we will premiere the video, but in the meantime, Rémy Barreyat shares some of his best Tocard moments with you…

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