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For this Sunday's brunch, it's one savant cocktail of savors that awaits you right now under the form of this edit by legendary N.Y.C. skate filmmaker R.B. Umali (yes, the one behind "MIXTAPE" for a golden-era Zoo York, amongst many other works). As its title suggests, we're talking a retrospective of footage collected throughout the decades and video productions, nowhere but at the mythical skate spot of Brooklyn Banks. One that just so happens to be under quite the imminent threat of destruction, by the way - a decision one can still help oppose via this petition right here. Anyway, in the silly hypothesis that such a landmark would need a video resume of sorts to certify its cultural importance to the masses, then this one would have to be it, featuring a who's who of some of the most classic East Coast styles and pretty much a compilation of the most memorable moves and moments ever spent on those bricks. Just look at that roster!

Woop, woop!

It's a kind of magic, that Jaakko guy got, right!???


At NB#, if the team is more than serious, one can also feel the desire to push the visual boundaries, and this new edit pushes a little further Russell Houghten's experimentations, once again, without reaching bad taste territory… One will also note a rather in the zone Brandon Westgate!

Evan, Evan, Evan…

What are you supposed to say… Apart that, he certainly is on the tip of perfection! To the point that you can pretty much fast forward the rest…

Charles' tip: Jarne & Jacopo!

"Jarne and that Jacopo dude, only really, really great stuff!" Well, duh!

Klaus Bohms alert!

We were already stoked on watching our buddy Klaus Bohms, especially on his home turf, showing Brazil to his gringos colleagues, but, damn, he is on a tear, here! Technical and powerful, with that pop that makes the difference… Let's not even mention what kind of rough spots he flies over! Apart from that, Westgate and Evan Smith aren't too shabby, either…

Monsieur pop…

Rumors were abounding, opinions were legions, and confronted on internet, but this time, it's official: by including the "ollie over a large size car" in a downhill line, it is Brandon Westgate that tackles the title… And seize the opportunity to switch sponsors, in the meantime!

The man in red

So, yeah, Brandon is about to have gone up every handrail of the world, is popping his flip tricks higher than anyone and can film a sick four minutes part without traveling all around the world, staying home sticking to an area officially "not good to skate…", but in the end, the what counts and separates him from the rest of us humans is that he can fly 180s over dudes chilling in Santa Claus track suits, and that is not given to everyone!

When metal meets remix!

Brandon Westgate x Manolo Tapes x Iron Maiden. Very rare.

Westgate in Boston…

Wait, so when Brandon Westgate visits Boston for a couple day, this is what he comes back with? The guy does have something extra, doesn't he?


Brandon Westgate does NOT need a soundtrack… A little selection of raw footage from the latest Zoo York production.

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