Tyler Bledsoe

Domestic Comfort

And, yes, we are never the last to pontificate about searching the most impossible spot, or to glorify street adventures, but let's be honest, having a meet-up spot to localize and master still is a must when it comes to be a skateboarder… Proof here, and more, with the likes of one Tyler Bledsoe!


Huf 01

Where in only a handful of tricks, austyn reminds us all all why he's our daddy… One will also note a rather "on fire" Jake Anderson, and an ever stylish Sammy Winter…


The Huf dudes take over the world capitol of flannel shirts, and do it right! Hell, they even manage to get the ultimate guest with Silas, The local, not even looking shabby at all, next to him. Far from it… From the always classy (even on the worst spots) Joey Pepper to the tech über alles (the best possible way) Tyler Bledsoe, you are getting more than your non-money worth. Guaranteed!

Stoner tech©

Tyler the creator of dat back tail!!!


Carroll alert!

Wait, so all there is to do is ship Mike to Germany so he gets the spark again!? Let's note a particularly on point Tyler Bledsoe, and as for Lucas and Ishod, well, what to say, what to say!?

Summer camp

Needless to say, road trippin' with 4Star looks like a hell of a time, doesn't it?


Always surprising, that Tyler, isn't he? Even when coming back from an injury… You expect him to get tech on those ledge, and he sure does deliver deliver some mean combos on them –while keeping it as aesthetical as difficult– but will also be found flying over rough looking Oregon spots, or will even find a way to surprise you with the quite predictable "frontside flip over the rail" option, which is quite an achievement on its own! Let's also salute the attire changes, proving his will to ride his board, even if this imply layering winter clothing. Yep, Tyler Bledsoe is the real deal!


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