Dick Rizzo

Huffing SF

Maybe you wondered what could happen if three of HUF main heads would be found San Francisco craving. No? Well, you should have, because when you get Dick Rizzo, Matt Gottwig and Justin Drysen together for a week of SF skateboarding, it makes a few sparks.

Huf 01

Where in only a handful of tricks, austyn reminds us all all why he's our daddy… One will also note a rather "on fire" Jake Anderson, and an ever stylish Sammy Winter…

Yellow fever!

More or less the whole Huf crew cruising around Japan, count on us to be frying the pop-corn by now! But, add a fully back on his board Austyn, and…


Have you checked that casting? Do you really need more than that to click!?


A nicely put together edit featuring most of the people you really want to see skating these days, that nobody has told you about? Tempting? Well, here you go, it's on us…

Bronze, unplugged!

The whole crew is in this, and even on the steepest streets of SF, the NYC heads hold it down!

Table meeting!

Or the invention of the picnic table in the heart of New York City!

Charles' Tip: Huf Ams!

Charles had warned us: "Straight fire!" And, was he right: those new Huf recruits are the bomb.

Christmas' Charles' tip: Bleach!

"Europe got you Tom Knox as a gift, and America is getting you Nick Ferro, for Christmas! And Dick Rizzo, and Josh Wilson…"

Charles' Tip: Bust Crew One!

"Nominated for the Most Productive Crew, right?" They are definitely neck to neck with John Wilson and co, that's for sure… But, if they recruit Jake Johnson for good, that might change it all. Let's note the seamless transfer to HD and a couple nods/jabs(?) at some of the current trends in videos. The Bust heads are just on top of their name!

This Is Not the Sour Video

You were in dire need of ripping skating straight from the streets of NYC (and its surroundings), pieced together with a tongue in cheek soundtrack, since… Well, yesterday? Fear not, this should help you out through the next 24 hours, despite a couple already seen clips…


"Mandatory post!" as stated Charles…


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