Andrew Allen

That bench you didn't know you wanted!

This in-depth piece of journalism by the always on point Quartersnacks reminds us of two facts… One, Los Angeles, depite its superficy coming with an insane aount of the bits and pieces that make a city might not be the street skating paradise we all secretly dream of when gazing at our local waxed curb! That, and the fact that Mister Van Engelen is one hell of a psyshopath, and the world is lucky he decided to channel his inner tenacity via a skateboard, and not a less positive activity!

A. A. alert!

One one hell of a pop-out trick!


Raw F.A.!

Well, here's a little summer surprise from the F.A. camp, with the older cats having fun in L.A. while the younglings are adventuring in Europe, from Madrid to Berlin, notably, with a Louie Lopez visibly excited to be here, and a Sage full of his usual pop. Yes, those ten minutes are exactly what you needed to shake off the heat!

A. A. alert!

"…like an angel!"


We care about Hockey!

You do too, most likely! And for the best reasons, since the crew is never afraid to get dirty, if not bloody, when it comes to skate the less beaten paths. And when they take the road towards the frontera, rest assured they found places to get hurt at! Meanwhile, in a quiet killer way, young Diego Todd wins everybody's heart…


Nope this not (yet) a case of Alzheimer, but a surprise Hockey edit, dedicated to the king of the never seen before L.A. spot found at the very end of some random back-alley… Yep, Andrew Allen. Et, yep, whenever he does not make his trick ,he still falls with undeniable class! A true champ'.


F.A., le film!

Or a compilation of about everything the Fucking Awesome camp has produced in terms of visual gems, even the most rare stuff, maybe enough to keep you waiting for news, especially in the Hockey corner!? Winking emoticon…

Allen alert!

This is short but oh so sweet! Including the kind of frontside shove you want to learn!


Street fab'

Is there a better way to kick off the week than with an Andrew Allen part!? Well… Nope.


Hockey II

6' 35, or where we find out that Ben Kadow can reach quasi Gonz-esque moments, just like that, at full speed at the bottom of a SF hill… On top of multiple proofs of a tremendous determination, even on the most dangerous ideas, even on the kind of switch that could only get you hurt. Oh, and that Andrew Allen kid is quite good, too…

Real men skate too!

Ah, Andrew Allen… The antidote to the androgynous cult! Physically, first of, as it would be difficult to be more "grown ass", well, apart from the flaming hair jobs, maybe… But, mainly, in his skating, as you will not find an ounce of frail in the way he handles those streets! Big boned, big style!

Andrew Allen alert!

A bit late on this one, uh!? But, Andrew Allen still is one of the most active members of Team Handsome, Big Boy Division, and this whole lot of "throw-away" is the undeniable proof of his talent for not faking it!



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