Mark Gonzales


Who remembers Mark Gonzales' "retirement" from professional skateboarding in the mid-to-late nineties as he was actually on a retreat, wandering here and there in Europe, soaking it in, nurturing his perspectives and sharpening his reputation as an artist? Well now, twenty years after Cheryl Dunn's short film, "Back Worlds for Words" - a documentation of the Gonz's effort to export his vision (no pun intended) all over the world and in this case, precisely, in Germany, "Aloha Super" is quite the anniversary gift. Because yes, Mark has done it again; in New York City this time, as the location proved easier to misspell than Monchengladbach. And of course, the music is a given!

Dynamic duo!

Gonz and Tyshawn are a match made in heaven, seriously! Add a couple dope feauting too…

Magnus alert!

After our week dedicated to his case, you most likely were already believers, but this fine young gentleman confirms all expectations by stealing the show from a rather heavy squad, including Dennis and Daewon!

Small things…

Just for that soap shoe hammer!

Let's skate dude!

The new Krooked full length? It's here, it's now!

Public Service Announcement

All right, younglings, if you are getting tired of hearing the old ones pontificating on "having it", well, here is all this talk is based on… With a little luck, this should speak to you… Well, let's hope so!

Interview / Guy Mariano

Even in an era many seem prone to associate with notoriously short attention spans, you'd still be hard pressed to run into a skateboarder unaware of Guy Mariano's legacy…

Off Broadway…

Adidas in NYC, you know if it going to be good, especially considering the caliber of the new ams joining in, but Rodrigo… Goddam', Rodrigo!!!

Pourquoi pas?

Some "Pussy Gangster" extras? Who's gonna say "no", especially when it is good stuff! Excellent stuff, even, when you talk about Sage's trick at the La Défense bank… Proof that well applied pop can open new worlds!

Bon anniversaire, Mark!

Yes, he does flow out a bunch of candles today, but how hard does he still go! The style on that handrail boardslide and the finishing slam should be stuck in your head for a minute… Oh, and that fakie mob!


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