Anthony Pappalardo

What up blood

The rumor had been growing that Ty Evans was working on some new project, since he had joined Brain Farm, well, this is now official, and We Are Blood might end up making Pretty Sweet look like a Swedish art film from the 1950's… The casting is just incredible in its diversity, and that's a great thing!

Pop's alert!!!

So, the internets should implode in the next minutes… Hang on to your Cloud! Some never seen before footage of Anthony Pappalardo from the Photosynthesis times!? That should pump fresh blood into all message boards of the cyberworld… And remind us why he has developped a cult of his own.


Not only this montage is a total surprise, but also contains quite some "heavy stuff" all tied together in some unordinary way… Oh, and Anthony Pappalardo is skating in this!!!

William Strobeck, macadam cowboy?

William goes way back, and tells us more about what's cool about skateboarding…

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Wait to pass announcement...