He's back

We still can't tell you much about Politic, apart from their real good taste in picking up riders… Proof here with their announcing of Danny Renaud joining their ranks! Yep, he is skating again, for real.

Puerto Rico!

Even if sping seems around the corner, who would refuse a trip to Puerto Rico? Not us, especially with such a rad crew… Great stuff once again, as expected from the GX 1000 crew!

Back to Poland

We had questioned Joseph Biais on his polish times… Seems like his Vans colleagues had paid their visit, then, also. Some sick spots, and some great moments on wheels, including Joseph accidental trick!

Lord finesse

We’re a bit late on that one, but since Live is about quality before quantity or promptness, let us urge you to watch this surprise mini part from Nick Jensen, for Thunder Trucks. Nick is in great form here, between technical ability and harsh spots taming. This should translate in even better stuff for the brand he’s launching with Paul Shier. Now that is something we should ask him about…

Silas Baxter-Neal 4 W's!

As his last name states, Silas isn’t from Japan, but local skaters have inspired him enough to dedicate a whole part to their influence. Here is what he had to say about it…


Two full parts in two months: is Ben Raybourn trying to invent a Transition Skater Of The Year titile?

Parisii XIII

The Paris visit continues, this time keeping it central! The city’s first four arrondissements are the smaller ones, but are still rich in spots… Only negative point: you have to share them with the 27 millions of tourists passing by each year!

Charles' tip : Brad Cromer

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… Basically, he always has a good advice!

"Well, this is all fresh: Krooked just put online Brad Cromer’s part from Lo-fi. Hard to not love his skating: the last frontside nollie 180 is one of the best in the business! Now that’s an obvious tip!"

Street power!

We already knew that Shawn Powers was skating for Palace skateboards, but now it is official, he is Palace with a part that borderlines image counsciousness, but is saved by overall heavy street cred', as you call it!

Neon nights

We tend to forget about it, most likely due to his constant discretion, but Silas Baxter-Neal is a hell of a skateboarder! Send him camping by the deep end of the scariest bowls of Oregon, or explore the streets of an unknown city, and he’ll be at ease with the oldest locals. Here, for this Adidas clip, he is home, as he is more than accustomed to the streets of Tokyo, and it shows!

An iron grip!

A new ode to New Jersey and its Holy Terrors, plus a few guests, most likely honorary members, for services rendered… Some old (even a line from Brain Wenning when he was great – a decade ago…) and some new, with all the rough spots you could wish for, skated a way that makes you want to do the same! With the Alex Davis we all love…

The week-end remix…

All good stuff, already seen, for sure, but nicely put together and getting a new life out of it… Oh, and a schooling on Mike Carrol, at the end, for whoever might not know!



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