It's sunny in Miami!

A Who’s Who of classy skaters with clips of Danny Renaud confirming his return to health, that’s always neat, but with the smooth and nervous Alex Davis we love, plus Danny Fuenzalida –the most criminally under-rated skater of his generation!– in rare form? We dig!

A slap in your face…

If you would list the components of this, visuals, music, clothing, it should not work. At All… But it does! And to whoever is going to complain about Ryan Sublette's trousers selection, we might answer that he is a direct lineage of the Blind era Mark Gonzales and Jason Lee. Take that you 90's lovers. He does what he wants, and that's it.

Let's say the DVD might be worth the investment!

Charles' tip: Bert Wootton

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… Basically, he always has a good advice! “Isn’t that Bert Wootton pure class? A real good use of the Beastie Boys, hauling ass at spots and you’re always hard pressed to tell what he’s about to do beforehand.”
This Cosmic Vomit 2 is worth getting the DVD, we say!

it hurts my ears!

Fan of long choreographed sequences and soundtracks of good taste are not going to dig this one much, and, let's say it, you should just mute this! But, if you bear the post-constructivist editing, let's salute the fact that Sammy Idri doesn't seem too fazed to live in a town known for one single spot, and makes the most of his environment, with a big smile. And we can only back him on that!


the daily unknown

Nick Sciano is 19, nobody has ever heard of him, and he kills…

They trippin'

Just for the fact that this montage avoids totally the demo footage that usually plaques this type of exercise, it would be worth the attention, but with a Charles Collet in rare form and a sparked Spanky, the skating is varied and exciting. Plus any chance to look at Nestor Judkins on his board should be taken advantage of! A definitive contestant for the “classiest man in the world” award…


In Barcelona, they still skate the streets, even if some people try to tell you differently, and Anton Myhrvold proves it here, with technique and finesse, despite the rinsed spots and the asthmatic beat. This is a great appetizer for the Sweet x Skate Mafia video coming!


Realizing that Flo Mirtain just dropped a three-minute part somewhere that is not Live is already harsh… Then, having it viewable on a player that crashes my computer every time I try to go full-screen makes it even more frustrating… But, when said part is pure genius when it comes to its musical direction, I actually take it personally and will sign this! Prince "Erotic City"!!??? This is adding insult to injury…

Benjamin Deberdt


Willy Akers is amongst those people that could show up on your spot, in the middle of nowhere, with a big smile on his face, and no need of any team-manager guidance to do so… A good guy, and a bad skateboarder!


You could hardly mention “finesse” here, but if, like Nick Panza, you had the ability to reach up walls to grind or slide, why would you not? Plus, many tricks here are quite “smart”. Think of the switch front board popped back into a supposedly slanted portion of the so-called ledge, here! Yep, this should shake the Monday morning blues out of you nicely!


Charles' tip: Melbourne after dark!

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… Basically, he always has a good advice!

"I don't know most of those guys, but they got some really cool lines… Plus, all cats are grey at night, anyway!"


Friday mix, uh?

French man Julio Sola empties his hard-drive with this second visual mixtape and gives you a quizz to keep busy over the week-end: you will have to find out who is skating (really well!) all around Paris, Perpignan, Berlin and further…

(A couple hints below)


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