Charles Collet

Bigger Spin / EP 014 - Charles Collet

The second episode in the second series of French skateboarding podcast, Seb Charlot and Arnaud Dedieu's Big Spin, just came out! You may be familiar with the routine by now - such an event is synonymous with the corresponding complementary Bigger Spin article. In both cases, Charles Collet gets the spotlight this time, as the show's latest guest. The Grenoble grom inspired by local names such as Soy Panday and Nicolas Levet, but also by Dustin Dollin in the early 2000's promptly grew up into an early Cliché staple head, relocating to Lyon, hanging out with the Antiz guys and revealing himself throughout his career. Well, much more about that in the new episode of Big Spin, stremable above, and if you can't grasp the French language then fear not: the Bigger Spin on this page should help you comprehend all you need to know!


Ludovic Azémar is back, with the homies, and from the quite rare nowadays Charles Collet to the always street Joseph Biais, he has something for all of us. This is is also for the day Vincent Coupeau will step on his board again, soon!

A Lousy Best Of / Premiere

Everybody loves underwear, and everybody loves a smiling house… So, when Lousy Livin' decided to share this best-of with us, we were delighted! Seeing the casting, you shouldn't be alright, yourselves… That's the great thing about handing a pair of boxers to the traveling skaters in need: then, everybody rides for you, as soon as you throw a little house their way!

They trippin'

Just for the fact that this montage avoids totally the demo footage that usually plaques this type of exercise, it would be worth the attention, but with a Charles Collet in rare form and a sparked Spanky, the skating is varied and exciting. Plus any chance to look at Nestor Judkins on his board should be taken advantage of! A definitive contestant for the “classiest man in the world” award…


Realizing that Flo Mirtain just dropped a three-minute part somewhere that is not Live is already harsh… Then, having it viewable on a player that crashes my computer every time I try to go full-screen makes it even more frustrating… But, when said part is pure genius when it comes to its musical direction, I actually take it personally and will sign this! Prince "Erotic City"!!??? This is adding insult to injury…

Benjamin Deberdt

15 years on the road…

We told you about the Chet Childress exhibitions, this past November, celebrating Cliché's 15th birthday… Here is the video from the road trip that ensued, from Lyon to Barcelona, with a good chunk of the team, and many friends tagging along for the sesh. In one word, Cliché at its best: in the van, on the road.

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