John Gardner

No limit

For the release of their two little pairs of shoes, the Polar skate team flew to Puerto Rico. The landscape and the spots are beautiful! There is really something to galvanize the troops. Of course, the Polar guys were unleashed, ready to taste concrete with an ever more incredible speed. They have not lost a gram of their madness since "We blew it at some point", and of course Tor Störm is still in at the filmmaking. Frankly difficult to find a team that can transmit as much energy in a video. Here is a proof in picture that we must perhaps forget the wax for much more speed, there is never too much we have to believe.

Keeping it east!

Well, so we live in a time where DC shoes is completely in tune with the now! And proves it with a full East Coast edit, including a Kalis on top of his game and a large serving of all the up-end-comers, among which John Gardner that proves himself completely unpredictable. And, at the complete opposite of the spectrum, they also have that  Shanahan dude that drops here a full part that should make you a fan, if it's not already the case! Yep, those DC dudes are on point, you should give the a follow… : )


You could have guessed that Fred Gall and co are not too into your perfect DIY built downtown with a city permit, but tend more to gather in the deep end of abandoned industrial areas, reclaimed through harsh trowel strokes… Which does not stop them from ripping!

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