Harry Lintell

Trust In Dustin

Volcom, in addition to trying and get you to trump quarantine via the viewing of the near entirety of the catalogue of their productions with Veeco (for the most curious), recently gathered its roster aka. Simon Bannerot, C.J. Collins, Dustin Dollin, Victor Pellegrin, Eniz Fazliov, Jorge Simoes, Harry Lintell and Noah Mahieu in Paris for some skate tourism; an occasion to witness some new lines at classic spots, but also some ballsy maneuvers at more obscure ones.

Down, down, down…

This is bound to escalate quickly, all the while going downhill... The brand new GX-1000 full-length video is now online! Farewell VX, hello HD is the first shock of many to come, mostly induced by the terrific hill bombs down the steepest streets of San Francisco is the crew is well duly renowned for. Every ingredient inherent to the series is present: the confused bystanders, the creative tricks on untouched spots, the full speed slams, the car accidents, the interactions and spotters at most every intersection. A couple of years after their original full-length, then "Adrenaline Junkie" last year, the recipe still comes through, timeless as it is; or when landing your trick is just the start of the most enthralling bad trip!

The Magic Number

The classic spots, the other ones hidden in back alleys, the old timers, the fresh faces, the locs and the tourists: they all here! Paris, Berlin and London are three cities more than rich in character, and this is what the De Paris Yearbook crew has been pushing on us for a couple years now, and their latest video production is in the direct logic of this editorial line. But, let's not forget that De Paris, Aus Berlin and Of London are –before all– books you will be more than happy to find on your shelves in a few years!

Freezing live in Berlin!

Berlin is not known for its mild weather, but more for its extremes… And our Grey colleagues decided to take the opposite of the Pop Live in Berlin route, by heading out there in January, skating between dirty frozen snowdrift! For two days only… But, with such fellows as Lintell and Bennett-Jones, no worries: ripping there was!

#International Harry Lintell Day

Now, that Lintell fellow seems to be on a rampage, doesn't he!? And he proves here to be immune to the cold and humidity of Great Britain's seaside in the heart of the winter… His traveling buddies are not too bad either at fighting both dismantled pavement and freezing winds!

Turbo Charged

You know the Harry Lintell case, and his aggressive versatility, but you most will be discovering a Manny Lopez that isn't too far from that, also, in his approach of multiple very Londonian (in their absence of marble grounds) terrains, but with a little something else that is his own. Yep, those two are about to start your week on the right foot! Add also a reminder that Just Ice rocked

We've got five years, stuck on my eyes!

Five years… Now that's a load of sessions, photos, new friendships and trips! For just a handful of candles… That is exactly what Henry Kingsford must be pondering after five years of Grey, his magazine. First more London-centric and about all the scenes inhabiting the Old Smoke, the mag has soon expanded in both size and content to reach all corners of Albion, and even further, as you can see, here. And Grey being more than ink on paper, here is a mixtape of clips from all the videos they have produced over that time, putting once again the richness of British skateboarding in the spotlight, as Grey has been doing since 2010. Alright, everybody get your handkerchief out, and let's all sing along!


The Grey Skate Mag colleagues just put out their newest production, a James Cruickshank work, based around the local Converse team, and therefore allow us to discover a few new faces –including Mike Arnold and his light but powerful foot work– while confirming our interest for Jerome Campbell or Harry Lintell. Add the good homie Dom Henry, and you're in for great, great stuff!


Looks like the slogan got put to good use by Rémy and Harry! We knew those would be coming in hard, but everybody is present, adding their very own style from Blobygreg to Herrington. Diversity, yes, and the perfect length to put you in the mood for the week-end, and way more!

Of London mixtape

To celebrate the launch, tonight in London, of the local version of the De Paris Yearbook, here is some sort of equivalent in moving pictures, with a good slice of all you like to watch on the disjointed bricks of the Empire capitol…


At first glance, hard to give an age to Harry Lintell… Change his hat, and you could easily pass him for an old sailor whose boat has seen about every port of this world. Watch him skate, and he will mix in front of you the best of all street skating eras, interlacing aggression, technique, a will to jump, but also a knack for adapting to the strangest corners of the streets, and also a taste for the surprising line. Yep, we fucking dig what Harry has to bring, over here!

Goin' West!

Here is a trip to the land of gigantic ditches, quite the unusual terrain for the European chapter of Volcom. Netherless, do they rip it! Then again, that crew is quite on point… Let's note that Aaron Suski does a bit more than showing them spots, and he is always a pleasure to watch skate!


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