Ronnie Sandoval

Let's skate dude!

The new Krooked full length? It's here, it's now!

Jake Johnson alert!

Where he reminds us all, in a few tricks, who is The Chosen One, while Ronnie Sandoval holds a master class in being a stylish ATV…

Staying flared: Pittsburgh

Just for the crazy bowl in the basement, this would be a good watch, but they also put up a decent demo, don't they!?

In dreams…

One does not necessarily think about tight transitions when Lakai is discussed, but they do have some heavy hitters to put in the van these days, and if the destination offers some concrete oasis by the shore, they will rip it… But, stand assured the streets were also hit in Puerto Rico!


This could be the ideal "buddies get on the road" scenario, from the Oregon parks to the spots found behind the bankrupt supermarket, with the little difference that the back row is packed with a great selection of the new generation from Stevie Perez to Dan Plunkett, with the few OGs that still charge like Peter Hewitt… And it looks like they all learned tricks from one another!

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