Vincent Alvarez

The Low End Theory?

Looks like Josh Stewart really never sleeps! Nor does he ever slip: barely a few days after the web release of his edit illustrating the recent collaboration between Converse and Hopps (Jahmal Williams' board company), and while we're still kind of recovering from what a slap in the face it was, the author of (most notably) the underground hits that comprise the "Static" series of independent full-lengths is dropping something new again! For Lakai this time, immortalizing an affair of theirs with Theories (Josh's brand and distribution company). Are you following? Anyway, on board here: Yonnie Cruz and Vincent Alvarez, roaming the streets of N.Y.C. and L.A. like they just don't care which coast they're on. Josh edited the piece and shot all the 16mm. The production is as good as the skating, and the collab is interesting in itself - why not?

Need for speed?

What do you mean you don't watch this everyday before going for a (faster than usual) push around with your friends!? One of the great surprises of Static V


It was about time that the Crailtap camp started reclaiming those streets, and what a better guy to do it than Vincent Alvarez!?

A good chunk!

This week's "feel good movie"? Absolutely. Proof that getting back to the basics is, for Chocolate, the best option…

Jake Johnson alert!

Where he reminds us all, in a few tricks, who is The Chosen One, while Ronnie Sandoval holds a master class in being a stylish ATV…


A trip to never seen before spots, despite being just on the other side of the boarder, and the return of Rick McCrank! What else you need? The kids are all right, also…

Alvarez alert!

A great little reminder of the fact that Vincent Alvarez is a real street skater that does it in real streets, while being the cheaper guy to sponsor when it comes to wheels packages…


Or how the "feel good movie" of this Sunday has been filmed in one day, using one obsolete camera… As for the return of the Staple, we will let the shoe fetishists give their opinion!

In dreams…

One does not necessarily think about tight transitions when Lakai is discussed, but they do have some heavy hitters to put in the van these days, and if the destination offers some concrete oasis by the shore, they will rip it… But, stand assured the streets were also hit in Puerto Rico!


This could be the ideal "buddies get on the road" scenario, from the Oregon parks to the spots found behind the bankrupt supermarket, with the little difference that the back row is packed with a great selection of the new generation from Stevie Perez to Dan Plunkett, with the few OGs that still charge like Peter Hewitt… And it looks like they all learned tricks from one another!

Charles' greatest tip

No idea on how and why this is surfacing in this way, but let's just make it official: Stevie Perez is a hero, whether filmed in HD or not! And absolutely everything about this edit is perfect…

Hip hop hooray

Quiet day, uhh? Let's get this party started through this Trunk Boyz compilation, with a modern music masterpiece slapped over it! A great occasion to watch once again that pool Berle line that is just amazing…


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