Jake Hayes


At NB#, if the team is more than serious, one can also feel the desire to push the visual boundaries, and this new edit pushes a little further Russell Houghten's experimentations, once again, without reaching bad taste territory… One will also note a rather in the zone Brandon Westgate!

Everyday is like Sunday…

This recent Jake Hayes' part for Sunday Hardware, will kick start your week with his ability to throw himself when needed, while keeping an impeccable ledge game… Add a couple fancy featuring in there, and you're good!

Jake Johnson alert!

Where he reminds us all, in a few tricks, who is The Chosen One, while Ronnie Sandoval holds a master class in being a stylish ATV…

Home turf

Always interesting to see someone known for his stunts in a more "every day" version of their use of a skateboard… Here, Dane Burman with his buddy, on their home turf.

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