Antonio Durao


Well, rather clean ones, really, especially when it comes to tricks! Even on the crustiest spots… With a special mention to Cyrus Bennett manuals!

Durao, goddamn!

Sure, the other guys are bending streets rules by inventing some sort of urban motocross / skating breed, but, that one line, though…

Street form

The hills of San Francisco, even after all those years, still remain one hell of a test to whoever claims street skills, and it had been a while since we had seen Alex Olson there. Rest assured, he passes it with flying colors! What about Ishod, you ask? Guess…


Just the backside flip grab would enough to fuel a week or two of debates, but before all, once again, Soulland drops another edit that really, really gets you hyped to skate, even when filmed deep in the Scandinavian autumn…

Le cas Durao… (suite)

This young man file just got a lot thicker, with could go down in history as "the tallest line ever", followed by the perfect switch frontside heel… That could almost make us forget that Rodrigo still is at the very top of his game, or that (our favourite) Kyron just joined the team. All this being treated with a ghost town vibe in a metroplis can be a bit eerie at times.

The Durao case…

He was on everybody's lips, and here just just collectively slaps skateboarding with the perfect mix of power and technique…

Feel good

Here, enjoy a bit of sun rays, straight outta Los Angeles… That should put us all in the mood for Spring, because, it is HERE!

Charles' tip: "Core"

"Now, that's what I call a good crew!" Sure, the van was loaded of diverse talents! This Nike SB trip through the Fred Gall territories of Upstate, guided by Quartersnacks was promising, to say the least, but the final result is just about perfect! Do NOT miss this, from the tricks pushed to the T of Cyrus Bennett to the improv' approach of Max Palmer, you're in for a treat!

Finding the line!

Or how to make everybody happy by lining up an ollie and a noseslide fakie… Well done, Antonio Durao!

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