Dylan Rieder

F.A., le film!

Or a compilation of about everything the Fucking Awesome camp has produced in terms of visual gems, even the most rare stuff, maybe enough to keep you waiting for news, especially in the Hockey corner!? Winking emoticon…

Da G-Mix!

Bang, bang!


Poor Dylan… He believed what everybody was telling him, as in that skaters should only do as they like, and applied that motto literally. Now, the same skaters are not so happy, because, well, he doesn't do as everybody else! Starting with his switch backside flips…

Soleil d'Oz

Considering the gang, no surprise, there is some heavy ripping going on, and yes, both Dylan and Austyn manage to surprise us, as always. You will also enjoy the general mood of the edit, that is quite refreshing…

Back to the roots

As many interrogation points surround the Workshop these days, what a better idea tan get back to the basics, and Ohio, the native grounds of the brand? This could go horribly wrong, but the whole cinematography of it reaches classic Workshop imagery, from civilians cell phone footage to a couple Super 8 images that should stay burned in your mind. Successful mission, therefore! Oh, and Jake Johnson skates in a parallel universe unknown to the rest of us…


Wait, Montreal is in Europe, now!? Those Huf sales are going to skyrocket amongst the French Canadian activist demographics after this! On a serious note, those guys are paid by the push, right?

Euro Enduro

It is quite fascinating that at the end of 2013 some people are still discussing the idea that Dylan Rieder might be mostly famous for his looks… Seriously, the ollie up at the famous Berlin museum spot is just ridiculous!Let's not that the boss himself isn't afraid to sweat out a bit, which is nice to see.

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