Donovon Piscopo


This is the video we all needed. We will not dwell too much on the incredible cast that is proposed here, because it’s rather normal when we have the Nike Sb team at hand. On the other hand, we must note that there are some faces that we are not used to see and it's really cool. Beyond that, it's probably one of the best videos we've seen this year (and not only because Live co-organized the Paris premiere), almost everyone must have a favorite skater that appeared here. We go from Great-Britain to the United-States with two different ways to practice, to approach spots but always with an energy more than overflowing. There is also a particularly violent Casper Brooker almost reminding us the Hockey videos. It's also a great opportunity to remember how incredible Daan Van Der Linden is and that he does not skates for Antihero for nothing! But above all, here is finally a real part for Caleb Barnett, something that is expected at least since the “Hockey III”! At filming, Jacob Harris and Ant Travis shared the task and really worked to make something irreproachable. In short, an effective video and well executed in every way, thank you!

We care about Hockey!

You do too, most likely! And for the best reasons, since the crew is never afraid to get dirty, if not bloody, when it comes to skate the less beaten paths. And when they take the road towards the frontera, rest assured they found places to get hurt at! Meanwhile, in a quiet killer way, young Diego Todd wins everybody's heart…


Yep, the Hockey boys are continuing their spiraling down the abyss of ultra-violence on wheels… And, here, they do despite only having one week, and without Kev's presence! Yes, they are here to hurt themselves, and we enjoy the show!

Street form

The hills of San Francisco, even after all those years, still remain one hell of a test to whoever claims street skills, and it had been a while since we had seen Alex Olson there. Rest assured, he passes it with flying colors! What about Ishod, you ask? Guess…

The black magic number

One knew it was coming, and one could only whish it would hit as hard as the first two times, but what we see here are Hockey and Benny Magliano really coming together and reaching some sort of maturity in what they want to present us with, in between refined brutality and accidental beauty… And, well, they got Andrew Allen, so could it even go wrong!?

Piscopo alert!

This is short, way too short, but dammit, it's good… This young man does have a powerful push to please the eye!

Blip, blip!

A great follow-up to the recent Hockey promo, produced by Grey skate mag: follow the adventures of  Donovon Piscopo and John Fitzgerald around London with their British colleagues!

Hockey II

6' 35, or where we find out that Ben Kadow can reach quasi Gonz-esque moments, just like that, at full speed at the bottom of a SF hill… On top of multiple proofs of a tremendous determination, even on the most dangerous ideas, even on the kind of switch that could only get you hurt. Oh, and that Andrew Allen kid is quite good, too…

Fight / Fuck II The Movie

The FA/Hockey gang strikes back, with a rather extreme approach to incorporate the sessions life, and the result is powerful… That one trip to Philly and AVE's two lines there should go down in history!

Raw Hockey!

The surprise attack seemingly being the preferred technique at the FA Sk8 Fucks camp, this promo for their sister brand, Hockey, drops with no fanfare, and uses the same aesthetic in its form: no music, no animation, just powerful skateboarding, certainly shining even more that way. Why stage it when actions speak that loud? One would think of Piscopo lines, here…

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