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Five on five

Very well placed in the list of Parisian collectives to follow closely, here is the Cinquième Terrasse back with a new video entitled "SINK", filmed by Elliot Bonnabel. In this new opus, they obviously continue to find new ways to use the streets of our beautiful capital. When the spot is huge, they are not shy and when it lacks scale, the originality of their skateboarding complements it perfectly.

The one and only Terrasse

The Cinquième Terrasse is one of the busiest and most active crews in Paris, even if we had not heard enough news lately. That's a smashing comeback with "TONY G" seven minutes of great skateboarding that goes way too fast for my taste. This video shows well that we are coming to a time when making the unique is worth as much, if not more, than doing the perfect. To skate a city in its own way is like showing the peculiarities that we perceive there and to highlight what we like in it. Paris under the gaze of the Cinquième Terrasse is really unique. They give off a crazy energy that is really personal to them. And when it comes to style, if Christian Hosoi validates it, you can imagine that it's not for nothing.

Tech Tonic!

Do you remember Rock And Roll Radio Tonic Skateboards? If not, then fear not: all you need to know is it's a Rennes, France-based initiative involving the likes of Hugo Maillard or Quentin Chambry all down for the cause of Louis Deschamps' vision. They were going out strong two years ago, and today Tonic is relaunching with an extended concept: audiovisual collaboration between skateboarders and musicians joining forces and talents as to produce a steady output of refined, unique experimental video productions. "TC01" is the name of the first installment in (hopefully) a long series of such clips, and it's a hit, visually and artistically!

Under the spotlight (among many guests and friends): Axel Thomas, a young Bordeaux head Louis likes to watch skating, on the plank and the Orléans, France-based Abbrumer at the lo-fi techno soundtrack. And the mix just works, with some well-utilized spots in the mix as well - a promising introduction to the new Tonic!

Giddy #5

A new episode of Romain Batard's Parisian adventures, only this time fewer skaters are featured. Oh, and what could end up the early grab of the year 2017!

Churb life!

With many a rarely seen Bordeaux spot, some perfect Romain Batard action: great skating, good laughs, good good stuff!


This new Yves Marchon production, renown skater and filmer from Switzerland, is the fruit of his recent stay in Nantes, and his befriending of three locals, Armand Vaucher, Hugo Brillet and Axel Thomas. He had to get his camera (the old one!) out the bag, and here lays the result shot in between Nantes and Bordeaux. And, no vintage hip-hop here to complement the VX, but a rather original soundtrack. Add a new and motivated generation, and a local hero under the name of Fradin, and you get an edit that stands out from what you can watch around, these days. Another LIVE exclusive, for the day!

Charles' Tip: Hugo Maillard!

"Finally a glimpse of my favorite french skater!" A bit more than that, actually, and he is in great form, Hugo, here! If you are not familiar with the man-kid, head over there!

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