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Vega skateshop "I don’t care" / PREMIERE

The VEGA skate team just came back from a trip to Marseille, and they brought back a short video entitled I don’t care, in which the they take time to taste well the Marseilles's concrete, but also meet the local fauna in addition to the few well performed pirouettes with their boards. In any case, the thing we can be sure is that the title was not chosen randomly. 

Haze Wheels / promo / PREMIERE

You had been warned, as discussed yesterday, Bertrand Soubrier knows how to pick'em up, and Haze Wheels confirms it here with a promo that we are more than happy to present you today, as a LIVE exclusive! From Oscar Candon to JP Villa, they got you covered, including real bits and pieces of Hugo Maillard in there… If –like us– you dig it, share with the world!


You might not realize, but two of the most "difficult" to document skaters out of France just put together their footie –and also two generations– for Screwheads! And to us, it means a lot!


Ouch, losing one Candon and a VX 1000 at the same time, now that's makes an edit quite pricey, even if it makes for an amazing title! Let's note Ben Delaboulaye surprising ollie 540, though…

Meeting… Alex Richard!

Today, Trauma Skateboards is giving us the exclusive on the new edit from their Bordeaux native rider, Alex Richard, handing us an excuse to ask him a few questions. Read his catching-up interview after the jump!

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