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Haze Wheels alert!

"Victor Campillo Pro d'Haze" as a title should be explicit enough universally, despite originating as an arguably questionable French pun. Anyway, yes, Victor did just turn pro for Haze WheelsBertrand Soubrier's company (read more about Bertrand in his Bigger Spin, here), as one should know by now. Expect two minutes and a half of inspired, classic street skating on some nice spots being put to great use, and some mind-boggling ledge lines at République!

“qu’est ce que vous faites c’est bien!”

The team haze Wheels had already shown us how demolishing the spots in Milan was easy for them, and here they are back in France. In short a little more than Victor Campillo, or Morgan Katomba, who this time play at home. Add two three pirouettes of Ruben Spelta and we get a video of the most friendly.

Bigger Spin / EP 004 - Bertrand Soubrier

Bertrand Soubrier has been on the board since the late eighties, and never once did he step off since. A man of phases, he's been a ginger, a Le Dome local, a professional, a tourist and more, successively, throughout the years. Beber is the man in charge behind the Haze Wheels and Basement Hill scenes, in addition to handling the fatherhood of his boy Martin.

Big Spin / Bertrand Soubrier

A nice additional information on the Haze edit that came out this morning: M'sieur Bebzou, as he is fondly called by most! This guy has been around, for a long time now, and pretty much skated with about everyone and their cousin. He's got the stories, now, dou got the French chops to boot!?


The good people of French wheels company Haze just went to Milan! You guessed it, they did spend some quality time at Centrale, as one should, but did way more than that! The locs showed them around their city and they got to handpick a nice selection of rarely seen before spots… Guess what they ended up doing on those!?


The most known Parisian skateshop, for the best reasonsNozbone continues steady killing it by producing another video, where Ludo Azémar manages to capture the energy of a city, and mainly of a generation… All you ever wanted to see when it comes to skating in Paris, and even more!

Haze Wheels / promo / PREMIERE

You had been warned, as discussed yesterday, Bertrand Soubrier knows how to pick'em up, and Haze Wheels confirms it here with a promo that we are more than happy to present you today, as a LIVE exclusive! From Oscar Candon to JP Villa, they got you covered, including real bits and pieces of Hugo Maillard in there… If –like us– you dig it, share with the world!

Haze, and Bertrand Soubrier!

A meeting with the enthusiast behind Haze Wheels, as a teaser for their new promo, coming out on LIVE, tomorrow!


You might not realize, but two of the most "difficult" to document skaters out of France just put together their footie –and also two generations– for Screwheads! And to us, it means a lot!

Young entrepreneur

After Tony Hawk, let’s keep it business owners that never let the board go, with this mini part from Bertrand Soubrier, Haze wheels’ kingpin, and French scene character for the past twenty years! Go Bebzou!

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