Danijel Stankovic

You got soul

Well, as everybody is talking about Copenhaguen, how about a tour of the city with Eric Koston and a crew of local colleagues? Care for th pitch of that very post modern edit co-produced by the Soulland heads? Well, everybody rips, but in the end Hjalte crushes everything and everybody… Surprised?


Phil Evans is back with a new themed edit, this time based around the photographic formats that shaped the history of skateboarding on paper, and with also a fine selection of Malmö skaters you don't necessarely se often. Add a custom soundtrack by Gibbo, and you are in for a treat!

No Promo 15

They are announcing a full-length, which would already be a fair enough reason to rejoice, but we'll use the excuse to also celebrate the fact that our very own and national Greg Cuadrado is now part of the gang!

East bound…

Warsaw is not part of those expected destinations, but the local videos have taught us things are happening there… So, The National had to go pay a visit, considering its local connections! Yep, it is grey, but that didn't seem to stop him from having a laugh!

Grey zone

Now, this should get you pumped for the weekend: a part from Grey Area, the Polish video we have spoken highly and quite a lot here, can't be a bad choice, and Krzysiek Poskrobko got the perfect one in terms of punch, even on the most challenging spots of his country. A great dose of pop applied to great lines: we're all for it!

Booster shot

Fall is around the corner, so now is the time!

Meeting… Danijel Stankovic!

Live Skateboard Media premiered his Grey Area part… Enjoy what he had to say about it.

National anthem

So The National is the second brand to start these days to fly high the colors of a "so british" type of skateboarding, and this first promo is promising, with the return on our screen of Neil Smith in a slightly less stuntman version, or so it seems… Oh, waut, nope. Also a team with both Danijel Stankovic and David Mackey onboard gets full repect around here! Yep.

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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